August 11, 2006

Shake Shack, Madison Square Park - NO

No restroom at all, of course. The kid made it to Wendy's across the street, which doesn't have a changing table, either.


Its a park. use a bench.

[I'm sure people changing diapers will/should/do. I guess I should've made some commemmorative comment about how this is the first changing table post since the kid's been toilet trained, and while I thought about it, obviously, I was not gonna have her squatting in the allium. So now it's back to mentally mapping nearby restrooms, only with a much smaller travel radius than before. -ed.]

Live Bait works too. Kids get to take in the rowdy bar atmospere as well.

[it shows how far I am from my clubhopping days that I didn't even consider it... oy. -ed.]

You also weren't too far from buybuyBaby, which has a bathroom with changing table.

[hm, two long blocks after waiting for the line and then the burgers? If that were the only option, I'd just take her behind a bush. -ed.]

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