July 10, 2006

Whoa, The Baby Bjorn Recall Almost Applied To Us

Let's face it; most people who bought Baby Bjorn Active Carriers between September 2003 and August 15, 2004 have retired them, so if the rear buckle was going to come off and drop your baby on his head, it's probably already happened.

In fact, as of May 2006, the company had 93 reports of it happening, so they extended a recall of the rigs: 49,000 Baby Bjrn Baby Carrier Active models, in blue or black, with the model number 0260 printed on the safety label.

I'm sure these badboys are turning up on eBay and craigslist now, so check the recall details and get in touch with Baby Swede, LLC [really?] ASAP. Us, we bought our Bjorn in that time frame, but we got the smaller City carrier. And except for getting kicked in the 'nads by the kid's flailing 8-mo feet, I had no injuries at all.

CPSC, Baby Swede, LLC Announce Recall to Repair Baby Bjrn Infant Carriers [cpsc.gov via]

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don't forget about us people on kid #2 .. we might be dragging the old bjorn out for the newbie and need to check up on it too ... thanks for the heads up

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