June 7, 2006

Why The Bugaboo? The Movie


I don't know what rocks better:
A) this dad's enthusiasm for his new stroller, which prompted him to make his own live-action approximation of Bugaboo's own animated demo.
B) the sweet lofty real estate that is the setting for the video, OR
C) the fact that there are networks of people forwarding amateur stroller porn around the Internet.

I'm voting for D) all of the above.

Why The Bugaboo by Vic Eldemir [mac.com, thanks ava]


Oh, I am going to reveal myself as a truly obsessed Bug owner, but there's no way that Bug in the video could be a Frog, because the Frog doesn't come with front-wheel shocks, as he shows off in the video's first 30 seconds. (Unless he tricked his Frog out with Chameleon front wheels he got from one of the Bug chop-shops around town.)

[sounds like someone sold you a pre-chopped Frog, Dan; the Frog does have front shocks, just not adjustable front shocks. For confirmation, check out the solid, non-extendable handle and the brake lever placement. -ed.]

The video isnt playing; bandwith restrictions? Anyone have a mirror? I'll host if needed!

{yeah, it got picked up by some big traffic sites, too. -ed.]

The Frog has front wheel shocks...I am looking at one right now...the very first one we own. So, I think you might want to return yours and demand a replacement. Anyway, just want to clarify for you, the Frog does have shocks...unless you are calling the large wheels the front wheels.

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