May 30, 2006

This Chinese Kid Has Three Arms


But only one kidney. Doctors are still testing to see what the best options are for 2-month-old Jie-Jie, but so far, the kid's two left arms appear equally developed. Unless Bai Xiao Qiu, the shadowy Nick Bollettieri-like mastermind behind The People's Central Table Tennis Committee intervenes, that means an operation soon.

Baby With 3 Arms May Have Surgery [ via boingboing]


Hmmm. I think a third arm would definitely be handy!

Forget elective surgery for stupid stuff like boobs, I want an extra arm!

He's perfect just the way he is. Imagine the possibilities!

I was all set to make a comment about how this kid reminds me of Kuato in "Total Recall" when I saw your Bollettieri reference. Were you a tennis guy, dude? I spent many a summer sweltering my ass off in Bradenton under Herr Bollettieri. I practically dehydrate and vomit whenever I hear his name.

[all through high school, but I stopped when my little brother beat me. -ed.]

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