April 25, 2006

Read It For The Articles? Cookie Or Playboy


"I am a bunny. My name is Nicole. I love in a big hollow tree."

Take the New York Observer's quiz and see if you can guess which magazine these ten quotes came from: Cookie or Playboy. For the record, I got 3/10.

Quiz: Cookie or Playboy? [observer.com]


5/10. Maybe that's a good enough reason to go pick up a Playboy, or a Cookie...

Drat. I got a 5/10. That quiz is brilliant. Don't know whether it says more about Cookie or Playboy!

7/10 Vindication for the article-reader!

I'm not too surprised at the quiz, you'd be amazed what you glance at on the stands at the checkout aisle these days...

[no comment. -ed.]

7/10, and I don't read either one!

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