April 22, 2006

Um, The Wiggles A) Were On Jimmy Kimmel, B) Received Honorary Doctorates

I have no idea. April 12th. That puts them one degree of separation from both Sarah Silverman and Adam Carolla [who by now should be starring in a reality show about building a crib, no?]

In unrelated but equally unanticipated news, the week before the show, the Wiggles received honorary doctorates from Australian Catholic University, where Murray addressed the graduating class of the Faculty of Education. Feathersword got snubbed, but he's channeling his rejection into material for his upcoming gangsta rap album.

The Wiggles JK [youtube clip made using a handcranked video camera pointed at a television.]
Aha. It was the day before their month-long west coast tour started. [thewiggles.com.au]
Wiggles four degrees hotter [smh.com.au]

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Um, I let my kids stay up late to watch The Wiggles on Jimmy Kimmel? Does that make me a bad mom?

[I guess it's better than taking them to the truck stop with you... -ed.]

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