March 22, 2006

Hellooo, New Yorker Magazine

Wansoo Im, an adjunct professor of urban planning at Rutgers University, came to town the other day with a bold agenda. His plan was to cure one of Manhattan’Äôs oldest civic ills’Äîthe difficulty of finding a public rest room’Äîby applying one of the coolest new tools on the Internet: Google Maps. (Other recent applications include pinpointing the whereabouts of both celebrities and baby-changing tables.)
See, if we were women, Wansoo and I would've started chatting about this months ago in a restroom somewhere.

Dept. of Amenities: A New Map, by John Seabrook, in The New Yorker's Talk of The Town section, 2006-03-27 issue.
Previously: DT NYC Men's Room Changing Table Googld Maps mashup

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I hate that you New Yorkers get your issue so much sooner than I do.

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