March 17, 2006

More Like The Dads Of Death Metal


The Eagles of Death Metal are opening for The Strokes current tour, starting tomorr--no, it's today! wow, time flies--in Grand Prairie, TX. [Considering the band's name came from a drunk guy arguing with Josh Homme about Poison, their new video sure reminds me of ZZ Top.]

Anyway, the video, "I Want You So Hard," features Homme, of course, who just had a kid with Brody Dalle [also in the vid], and Dave Grohl and Jack Black, who are both fathers-to-be. [Jack Black is not, I am told, the same as Jack White, who is also expecting a baby.] They're naturals with kids, though: my daughter's now marching around the house going, "Wah wah wah wah wah, the boy's bad news."

Meanwhile, Strokes bassist Nikolai Fraiture has a daughter who's like a year old now.

If anyone has the URL for the tour's group dadblog, definitely send it along.

Download "I Want You So Hard" from TEODM's site [ via goldenfiddle]
March? Dave Grohl's kid is due in March? That's right now!

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what's more Frank Black also seems to have entered a form of fatherhood.

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