March 14, 2006


Heather B. Armstrong and Jason Kottke gave a keynote discussion Sunday at SXSW in Austin. Both uberbloggers are well-known for "going pro" this last year, and supporting themselves their sites. Jason did a 3-week fundraising drive, and Heather and her husband Jon started running ads on

Until you get to the last 10-15 minutes of "How do you manage to stay so great while being so famous?" of audience Q&A, their "interviews" of each other--they've actually been real-world friends for years--are fairly interesting. Heather talks a lot about the hate mail she receives, the controversy [which I frankly don't get] of taking ads, and the challenges of raising a family while writing about it. [The first Elmo mention comes around 9 minutes in, and it's pretty funny.]

Meanwhile, Jon, who quit his dayjob to pursue his own stuff, has stepped up the parenting activities AND is doing a lot of the backend on the family websites. And with the babysitter out last week, things got even more interesting.

SXSW 2006 Podcasts []
SAHF [blurbomat]

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his name is jon :)

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