March 2, 2006

Where Have You Been Hiding, Weber Ritschie^2

weber_ritschie_stroller.jpgWhen I first came across the Weber GoGo Trekking, a two-wheeled stroller/sled/backpack combo, almost 18 months ago, I could barely find any information on it at all, just a spotty writeup on a defunct German shopping site.

So when I spied this Chariot Cougar-lookin', pod-shaped jogging stroller parked in front of a German shop during a completely unrelated Google Image search, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. Turns out it was a picture of Fair-Kaeuflich, the "Wiesbadener Lifestyle-Boutique," whose website shows a dazzling collection of interesting brands and products, including a lot of baby-related stuff. At the same time, it doesn't sound like a baby store, per se. If you're in Wiesbaden, definitely drop by and let us know how it is.

Ingo, the kindly chief of Fair-Kaeuflich, explained that this rig is the Weber Ritschie^2 SE, "the best twin stroller in the world with suspension, disk brakes and bike trailer kit. The only serious skater in the world. ["skater" as in "inline skating stroller," a variation on the jogging mode -ed.]No bolts, all aluminium & stainless."

Got it. Looks awesome, sounds heavy. Oh wait, it's made from aluminum honeycomb composite, so it's actually pretty light [16.5kg? hm]. Seats are individually adjustable, and they're made from the same foam as bike helmets (it also covers the roll-over frame. About the only thing it doesn't have is ski attachments.

If your stroller is having a hard time keeping up with your outdoor lifestyle--OK, let's get real for a minute: If you still manage to keep an outdoor lifestyle going after having a kid or two--and if the Chariot is a little too commonplace among your Vancouver neighbors, you may be ready to upgrade to "Oberklasse" [ugh] by getting a Weber Ritschie. And what does Oberklasse cost? Anywhere from EUR889-1119, depending on the accessory options. See if you can get that VAT refund I keep hearing about.

The more I think about it, I don't know if I'm even supposed to be writing about Weber at all; it may be one of those Wiesbaden-only kind of things.

Fair-kaeuflich, die Wiesbadener Lifestyle Boutique
Check out the Weber line of serious athletic strollers []
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For what it's worth, I see more Bugaboos, and a hell of a lot more Quinny Zapps (now that Sears Canada has them) than Chariots on the mean... er.. wet streets of Vancouver... although if I still lived near the park that might be different...

Really, I think the Chariots are more of a Whistler thing. Or an interior thing. I can't walk downtown in Kelowna without seeing 2 or 3.

Look here : !
Greetings from gemany

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