January 25, 2006

Mary Blair Golden Book Scans

Considered one of the most influential artists at Disney, who was credited with the creation of "It's A Small World," Mary Blair's illustration work is apparently quite scarce. Particularly the giant-sized Golden Book of Little Verses which...oh, wait, there's one on abebooks right now in fine condition for $56. So what's the big whoop?

Anyway, the not-for-profit Hollywood Animation Archive Project is running Mary Blair week on their site, and has posted the first batch of scans from Little Verses [minus the verses themselves, odd.] Nice stuff.

Mary Blair's Little Verses Part One
[animationarchive via boingboing]



There's also a nice flickr set of vintage kids illustrations, including some by Mary Blair:


I have a book called "I Can Fly" illustrated by Mary Blair - lovely stuff. It was mine when I was a kid, and now it's my daughter's - taped back together and all. I highly recommend it!

The copy of Little Verses at abebooks isn't there any more. I had a feeling that would happen!

Thanks for the link
Stephen Worth
Animation Archive

[d'oh, sorry, I mean, thanks, I mean, you're welcome, I mean... -ed.]

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