January 18, 2006

In Fact, The Kid Ate Pad Thai Last Night

Chefs' children eat duck confit, not Go-gurt? No duh. Not quite sure what this article's about in the Times, but I know that we've had the kid sitting at the table and eating what we eat since the get-go. Still, one of the only green vegetables she eats is edamame [which she pops and devours, btw.]

Of course, the real problem, then, is what YOU eat. Note to self: stop buying Pringles.

Generation Pad Thai [nyt]


There are periodic demands for tarka dal (and onion bhaji, always the bhaji).

My son LOVES pad thai, and all sorts of things I never had when I was 25, much less 2.

I'm not sure how I feel about the writer looking over the poor mom's shoulder at her groceries though!

[at least she doesn't say, "Hello, Princess. Your mommy's not planning on feeding those Cheetos to you, is she?" -ed.]

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