January 5, 2006

Wanted: A Snakes On A Plane Onesie

Snakes On A Plane, man.

Snakes On A Plane, coming Aug. 2006 [imdb.com]
Snakes On A Plane: the early blog post
Snakes On A Plane: and another one
Snakes On A Blog: The Fan Blog
Snakes On A Plane t-shirts 1 and 2
Snakes On A Plane Onesie [d'oh, you see the problem? Any graphic designers out there whose kids are napping?]


OMG. I would TOTALLY put my 9 mo. daughter in one of those onesies.


I'm sorry I couldn't resist. Hope this link works.

Don't anyone steal my friend Chris' idea!!!

[don't worry, it's safe ON THE INTERNET. -ed.]

I feel like I missing some sort of inside joke here...

[exactly. click on the first blog post link to get some background from a screenwriter involved in it. -ed.]

Okay, I take it back. It sounds less like an inside joke and more like a clever marketing campaign to build hype for this movie.

Still - Snakes on a Plane...

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