January 3, 2006

They Grow Up So Fast: Brownstoner's First Birthday

It's true that every guy moving to Brooklyn these days is [pick at least two]: a hipster, a dad, a blogger, a banker.

Brownstoner's all four. Right before Mr and Mrs Brownstoner had their second kid, I found out I knew them; they turned out to be friends of friends, small world. Right after that, Brownstoner posted about a run-in between Sanitation Police and Mrs. B and Baby B.

Time flies, and now the site's first birthday party gets written up in The New Yorker:

...most of the guests at the party were in their thirties; many wore expensive jeans and sneakers, and a disproportionate number of them had on eyeglasses with square frames. They travelled in pairs, towing a stroller and a child or two, and lived in neighborhoods that they described in optimistic tones as žimproving"...
The Talk Of The Town: Housing Dept., Emigres [newyorker.com]


It's a small blogosphere after all...

Brownstoner is Lame....

[tough words from someone who doesn't reveal his identity... oh wait...]

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