November 15, 2005

For The Honor Of Greyskull, What Were You Thinking?

There's a girl at our playground named She-Ra.


Not sure how it's spelled, but that's definitely how it sounds. I don't know what else to say about this.

She-Ra, Princess of Power [, way too many live people in google images]


If she had dark hair and looked like she was possibly Israeli, then her name was probably Shira.

Took the words out of my mouth, but it's not necessarily Israeli - I have a cousin Shira from California. In Hebrew, it means "song" (a la Shir HaShirim, the Song of Songs).

[so you're saying someone with a baby name book who didn't have a TV growing up might... -ed.]

Might what? Heh, you bet they had a TV - the parents are writer/producers in Hollywood, and the kid's in college now. If it helps, it's pronounced more hurriedly - a bit like "shirra" - than the more deliberate SHE-ra.

[shirra, share-uh, shar-uh, shuh-RAW, all I can understand. It was the SHEE-RAH that caught me off guard. -ed.]

Thought I heard that at Carl Shurz (NYC), but didn't believe I heard correctly (ala Opus of Bloom County's "Hairy Fishnut").

Mystery solved ...

I went to college with a Jewess named Shira. Born before he-man, though.

yep, very common hebrew name. for ex, behold the web site of musician shira kline, "outrageously hip" jewish kiddie-rock purveyor. (she's actually very good live, fwiw.)

[the Jewish American (?) Princess of Power. I'm glad to expose my ignorance for your collective benefit. -ed.]

Maybe her real name is Adora, but they call her that when she is fighting evil ... on the playground.

Alright, alright, I get it. I'm a clueless Gentile poseur, who peppers his conversation with "oy vey" and announces when he's wiping schmutz off his kids face precisely BECAUSE I had no idea that Shira was a common Jewish name.

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