November 10, 2005

Mario-Che Mashup T-shirt

mario-che.jpegYou can contact ButtonMashers, the crafty, geeky Montreal couple who made these t-shirts depicting Mario in all his Che Guevara goodness, and see if they're going to make any Onesie-brand bodysuits from Gerber, or maybe some other, less-well-branded bodysuits of some kind for babies.

Or you could just get one for yourself, while supplies last.

Mario-Che T-shirt in Yellow or Blue, $15+$5s/h at, the marketplace for handmade stuff [ via boingboing]

1 Comment

i think the Mario Che I made is considerably better.

[it's certainly more easily grabbed and turned into a onesie. heads up, though, the 8-bit music starts playing immediately. -ed.]

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