October 27, 2005

Stroller-spotting On Flickr, Vol. 1?


Kid's still asleep, so I started surfing through the "stroller" tag on flickr. Here's a brief online exhibit [the photog's name is in brackets]. There were thousands of photos, but I just looked at a few hundred; add your own share-worthy finds in the comments:

  • above: dad pushing his rig alongside the BQE [eatsdirt]
  • Cheap-ass strollers ending it all by hanging [belarusrikk] or drowning [shawn morrison]. Sad, very sad.
  • Just you and the kid. And some "that is SO cute" flickrazzi in the window, apparently [ubookworm]
  • Awesome bamboo stroller, made, pushed, in China [xiaoemily]
  • "This is how we roll..." stroller iPod rig [zcopley; take one iPod, add one Tivoli iPal...]
  • Don't look under there, it's not his... [I'm talking about both the kid and the kilt] [navygurlfromcali]
  • Surprised the leopard wouldn't fit. rollin' with my homies and their Graco Quattro Tour [brave heart]
  • At first I was all, whoa, when did I post this picture?; same beach, same stroller, same weather, different kid, different guy [nabeel]


    The bamboo stroller is so unique!

    [well, almost -ed.]

    I can't believe that someone actually uses the Bugaboo 2-wheel mode.

    Quinny represent.

    [that kid looks like he's already on his second venti of the morning. -ed.]


    Bumbleride Queen B

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