October 9, 2005

Registry Advice For Buy Buy Baby Meltdown Survivors?

A pregnant New York friend emailed today seeking advice/suggestions about good registry options "for everything from a Bjorn to a cute playmat to bibs to the Dwell sheets to who knows what else?" Oh, and layette. Grandma-to-be's suggesting Lester's, an old-school standby, but "I'm sort of worried that the layette selection will involve sequins," when what they want is a really good selection, "not just a few exquisite European pieces, you know?" I do.

One store they found and loved (although the online registry's much smaller than the store): Giggle, on Wooster.

And after the meltdown we had at BBB-- where 60 screaming Manhattan parents clustered around a hapless teenage salesperson-- the Giggle people impressed the hell out of us...we had four smiley salespeople-- all of whom seemed to have degrees in early childhood development from Teacher's College, a lot of retail experience, or both-- waiting on us for an hour.
To which I say, Giggles Schmiggles. I want to hear more about the meltdowns at Buy Buy Baby.

Giggle, of the San Francisco Marina District Giggles, 121 Wooster St


Giggle also has a store in San Francisco (in the Marina). Here's their website: http://www.egiggle.com/

The people in SF are very nice, and pride themselves in being the top bugaboo reseller in the country...which should make you like them. ;)

Giggle is a great store, but my sources tell me that BBB is actually the #1 bugaboo retailer in the country! :)

[I think I read that somewhere, too. Maybe Giggle's the #1 in the Bay Area...]

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