October 7, 2005

Who Knew? The Jon Stewarts Are Having Another Kid

Not satisfied with controlling the TV and reprogramming the minds of today's youth, Jon Stewart is apparently plotting to fill the earth with people even shorter than himself. The unusually tall David Letterman, of all people, tricked Stewart into admitting that he and his wife Tracey are expecting another kid in February. A girl. He said they're naming her Davelina, but don't be fooled for an instant; the kid'll be shorter than Dave's cat.

Watch their dad-to-dad talk online at...oh, wait. Can you do that? Check with the IT guy in your office about where to download that clip.

Previously: Congratulations, Jon Stewart!


BitTorrent Quicktime link:

[you da man, AJ, thanks. -ed.]

RE: "Jon Stewart is apparently plotting to fill the earth with people even shorter than himself."

Is it really necessary to insult a person's height??

[I don't think "even shorter" is any more an insult than "unusually tall." Both comedians regularly make jokes about their own heights; I'm laughing WITH them, not AT them, Abcde. Of course, if I have to explain that it's a joke, It becomes automatically not funny... -ed.]

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