October 7, 2005

NYC Under Threat From Stroller-Pushing Terrorists?

bloomie_subway.JPGIf you see a menacing, Geraldo-looking guy pushing a stroller on the subway, CALL THE COPS IMMEDIATELY. IT IS NOT GERALDO. HE DOESN'T TAKE THE SUBWAY; HE HAS A BENTLEY AND A DRIVER.

On the other hand, if you see a shortish, kind of nebbishy guy in a suit on the subway, DON'T CALL THE COPS. It's probably our billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg, who could buy Geraldo a thousand times over, but takes the train every day.

Even on days when terrorists are supposedly plotting to explode stroller bombs on them.

Baby buggy bomber fears [nydn via tmn]
[bonus: the NYDN's filename for that image up there calls him "Bloomie." heh.]

Also, if you're a swarthy-looking guy pushing a stroller on the subway, get a haircut or prepare to be searched, hippie.

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Can I be the first to offer up "The Bugaboo Bomber"?

[dude, that just ain't right, blowing up a $879 stroller. Meanwhile, Gawker's commenters suggested "BUGABOOM!" as a future NY Post headline..-ed.]

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