October 3, 2005

Congratulations, Nicolas Cage! Actually, It's A Family Name

Did you know:
- that before nearly ruining the filming of Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now, Marlon Brando played Superman's father, Jor-El?
- that Nicolas Cage's given name is Coppola? Nephew.
- that Cage was once slated to play Superman in a Tim Burton remake?

Does any of this help explain how he and his wife decided to name their son Kal-el Coppola Cage? Not at all, but I just throw it out there. Congratulations, Cages.

Nicolas Cage and wife have baby boy [cnn]

[update: "Imagine you're named after Superman, and you suck at baseball." -Jon Stewart]


Also, check out "Fast Times at Ridgement High." Cage was still "Nick Coppola" back then.

Even better, check out eBay Motors. You could be the lucky owner of a former Cage Ferrari (Sorry no link - just scroll down and look for "Cage.") Check out the ghetto paint job, and God only knows what the interior smells like...

[Here's the link. I was going to point out that his wife hadn't been born when he started in "Fast Times" or "Valley Girl," but I opted to keep the original post "Superman"-themed. -ed]

Penn Gilette is positively gnashing his teeth at being knocked out of the top spot for Stupidest Baby Name of the Year.

And somehwere, some blogger named Kal-El is thinking, "WTF?".

He'll have to get in line. I hear Jason Lee's writing a graphic novel for D.C. Comics, based on the inevitable meeting between Young Cage and Young Lee -

"Kal-el Cage Vs. Pilot Inspektor!"

And don't forget that the "Cage" came from a Marvel character*, so the poor kid is a living cross-promotion.

*Luke Cage, Power Man.

[I thought DC and Marvel don't mix.

Unless Kal-el is The One, who the comic prophets have foretold, who will come to unify and bring peace to the comic world through a corporate merger of some sort. -ed.]

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