September 13, 2005

Getting A Bb Confort In/To The US?

I'd love to hear that, while Sears in English-speaking Canada stocked the Quinny strollers, Sears in Quebec stocked the French Bb Confort strollers, just because, you know, because they're French.

I doubt it'd be that easy, unfortunately. But a DT reader and 2x dad-to-be emailed asking if anyone has ever successfully bought and shipped a Bb Confort stroller (and specifically a Twin Club) to the US. So, have you? Or have you tried and failed in some informative way that can help a brotha out?

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There's one on eBay right now with 3 days + left. Item # 7712363354 it's listed as a Bebe Comfort. My favorite way to get them here is to go pick one out in France, but last time I came home with two!

Dude, I'm about to Ebay my Swan Snap-n-go double for a whole lot less -- it rocked, folded down to nothing, weighs less than the twins combined, and has a universal "bar A into slot B" system so you can snap any (two) car-seat buckets in it (we used Perego, but it works with most all other major brands). It also has a much more huge basket.

He can order one from Leonardo at Culla Del Bimbo in Italy. Shipping is 90 euros. & email -

Greg, do you have a storage locker somewhere where all this gear is stored? You do live in New York, dontcha?

[It's not me, I swear. It's not one of those, "Um, I have a friend whose daughter is out-of-control..." scenarios. I actually do get emails from people I'm not related to. -ed.]

I am visiting Paris France, (only until Thursday) and I would like to buy a Bebe Confort twin club stroller. Can you tell me where you bought yours? Thank you!

I believe that's "dream stroller" for parents of two. It can be used as tandem, single and single plus built-in-kiddiestep.
I have 2-3/4 and 8 mos. And I hope this one will be the end of my journey. lol

I ordered to Leonardo @ 2 mos ago, and they are still on the way...mine was 120euro for shipping with accessories.

[not to show off or anything, but "culla" seems like French for "asses" and "bimbo" means "poor" in Japanese. So I can't help but think of this store as "asses of poverty." Sorry, just had to share. I'm sure they're really nice. -ed.]

Culla actually means "cradle" in Italian.

Did you learn Japanese when you'd been to Japan??

I hesitated to tell my husband the name of the store which I ordered our Twin Club...coz we're Japanese Family (in NYC)!
So I told him "Culla-del-something".

BTW, what does BIMBO mean in Italian?

[I imagine it's a cute, short version of bambino. And I started studying Japanese when I was a teenager, so it's been a while. -ed.]

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