June 1, 2005

New Native Baby Sling Carrier: Hacker Tested, Rocker Approved

malkmus_new_native.jpgRusty, Perl hacker, guru of the tech-culture-news site Kuro5hin.org, and new dad, has this to say about the New Native Baby Carrier, which ex-Pavement singer Stephen Malkmus was sporting at a recent NYC art opening:

The Stephen Malkmus-approved New Native don't-call-it-a-sling is by far the best one I've used. It's been my best friend and constant companion from birth to five months and counting. My wife has been through a succession of them, including a fleece one from Kangaroo Korner, but I haven't liked any better that the New Native, and it's the one she uses most too.

It's simple, understated, and extremely portable. If you're concerned about looking like a dork, get the black one. It tends to fade into clothing better, and you'd be surprised how often people don't notice there's a baby hanging off your chest.

Anyway, I am not a paid spokesperson. Just someone who gets sort of revolted every time he sees one of those awful Baby Bjorns. ;-)

Get your own non-sling on at New Native. [newnativebaby.com]
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In the 3 weeks I've been wearing my new baby around in a black carrier (Ellaroo), no fewer than 5 people have asked me if I was wearing a dog. Two of those people specifically asked if it was a chihuahua.

But I think that says more about Manhattan than it does about using a black carrier.

I've been thinkking about this sling from a place called Goo-Ga.
The reverse side is all black, my wife insists. Anyone know anything about it?

My wife got this same type of not-a-sling but it's stretchy and not fleece. It's like some space agey weird material, not unlike fleece, but not hot. I'm a bit taller than she is but I guess the stretch makes it fit us both. It's a SlingSet. The red is manly enough, no?

I've been thinking of getting a "baby sling" for my Pomeranian. She's not one for walking in the city (NYC, *the city*). But she does like Washington Square Park's dog run.

If you saw a really cute Pom last Sat around WSP, that was my baby!

[thanks for the heads up; otherwise I would've thought it was a creepy-hairy baby. -ed.]

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