May 28, 2005

Nissan Cube: When's This Baby Due? 2007?

nissan_cube_rear.jpgListen, it sounds crazy to synch your family planning schedule with the arrival of the Nissan Cube. So just keep it to yourself.

And if you just happen to be expecting a kid in 2007, and you just happen to need a sweeeet, small, cool car--maybe even one with miles of headroom, all-wheel drive and three seats, and that can still fit in the back of an Escalade--and Nissan just happens to finally be introducing the Cube to the US market, well, you can act all surprised at the pleasant coincidences.

Nissan Face-Lifts its Designer Cool Cube Wagon in Japan, Hints at Coming Fight With Scion
[, via jalopnik]
Previously: Nissan Cube^3 [11/2004]
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I checked these out in March when I was in Tokyo. Good fun--cars like this are ubiquitous in Japan. I like the design of the new Honda Step-Wagon, which will dominate this market. If only they would bring is stateside. Japan and Europe have soooo many cool little space-vans/wagons. "Mini-van" has become a misnomer stateside.

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