May 13, 2005

X-Rays of Things In Kids' Stomachs

x-ray_fork.jpg"We see coin, after coin, after coin, after coin, after coin, after coin," Dr. Frank McGeorge said.

I raced out of the house so fast with the kid this morning, that I didn't notice she was sucking on a penny until we were on the subway.

X-rays show what kids swallow
[, via kottke]

[Update: the kid also fell silently into the bathtub in a split second today, and ate her first soap. Where was it I heard that there's a stage where their mobility, when coupled with a lack of control or sense of danger, makes kids far more a threaet to themselves than ever?]


You could have heard it from me. Because I have that proven to me on a daily basis.

I've been pulling those little magnetic building toys outta Junior's mouth for a month now.

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