April 24, 2005

Unborn Patriot Ornament

From MissPoppy.com, an online store for "spending your TRUE Christian dollars, where even your money is saved!" comes the Unborn Baby Ornament - US Troop Model:

What if the fetus you were going to abort would grow up to be a soldier bringing democracy to a godless dictatorship?

Plastic replica of an 11-12 week old fetus, 3" long, holding a firearm in its precious little hand, with an assortment of other military paraphernalia, encased in a translucent plastic ornament, with a patriotic yellow ribbon on top. Includes a metal ornament hanger. If only a womb were this safe, attractive and reasonably priced!


Also available in a "Brown" model.

I just came back from church, and I still got nothin' else on this one.

Unborn Baby Ornament - US Troop Model, in White or "Brown," $14.95 each. [misspoppy.com, via matt]



That has to be the sickest thing I've heard. Although I am pretty pro life I think that these "Christians" really need to get their heads out of their posteriors because that is just sick.

We are aware that misspoppy is a satire store right? I mean, it is a real store in that you can actually buy this stuff from them, but all of the items for sale are meant satires of other religious junk for sale.

owwwwwwww...... my head exploded......

You gotta make sure that thing's not loaded, and check the safety. Ernie the NRA Eagle would be very disappointed in you.

Did you check out the "Christian panties" section? I can't believe I never saw this site before. Hilarious.

The best part is the "TRUE Christian dollars" phrase. Render unto Caesar and that sort of thing.

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