April 22, 2005

Daddy Type T-shirts v2.0 Are Here, Rock

[6/20 UPDATE: Buy as many as you want; daddy type t-shirts are in stock in sizes L, XL, and XXL ONLY. And remember, the run small.] Sorry, the rest are sold out and ain't comin' back.

OK, the new daddy type t-shirts are in, and they look awesome. A daddy type t-shirt makes a sweet edition to any collection, and it's a perfect gift for the new daddy or daddy-to-be in your life.

The shirts come in three sizes, and they run kind of small: L (40), XL (42-44), and XXL (44-46). They're the same high-quality, American Apparel fine, 100% cotton jersey shirts as before, only this time in asphalt [See detailed specs and color here.], with the text double-screened in white.

The new shirt colors were selected in response to reader feedback and come with some tradeoffs. The darker asphalt helps downplay any barely-seen-a-gym-since-the-kid-was-born gut, but it lacks the automatic chest hair revealing functionality of the slightly translucent, white originals; if you want to show off your pelt, you'll have to lift your shirt up like everybody else.

So why not get a daddy type t-shirt for yourself, or for the daddy in your life?

daddy type t-shirt, asphalt ($18+ $2 s&h): size preferred:


Awwww... they run small and there's no XXXL?

Hello Greg, I wrote you a couple of days ago about trying to order a t-shirt. Did you get the Email? Please advise - thnx.

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