March 17, 2005

Sweet Jack Spade Diaper Backpack

jack_spade_dad_backpack.gifLooks like new fatherhood agrees with Andy (Mr. Kate) Spade. That's the sense I get from this new Jack Spade Dad Backpack, which carries on the Jack Spade tradition [ed. note: What tradition? Come on, the company's only what, five years old?] of making simple, well-proportioned, and functional bags. This square-edged backpack is more structured than the typical rucksack, and it's a refreshing break from the messenger bag mold.

It comes with a changing pad "and ample storage," as if you'd ever buy a bag without storage. ModernSeed has it for $225 in either red or black.
Previously: My other Jack Spade diaper bag is a messenger bag

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I received a Baby Sherpa diaper backpack as a gift and it is awesome. It is a 4-in-1 and is well designed for the Extreme sport of parenting! It is ergonomic, has a sternum strap, hip belt, built in cooler, great lug handle and a diaper change pad that looks like a baby yoga matt! When my son got older I bought the Short Haul sherpa as a toddler tote. You can find them online. My brother just had a baby and I am getting him one for a gift!

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