March 8, 2005

Best of New York's Best of New York

A couple of highlights from the newest Best of New York listings:

  • Best Kid's Clothing: Sons & Daughters, Inc., 35 Avenue A. Cool stuff you won't automatically see on every other kid at the day spa [I don't know what that means, either.]
  • Best Indoor Playspace: Kidville, 163 E 84th St. A nice place for stay-at-home moms to spy on their friends' caregivers. [previously: Kidville on Daddy Types]
  • Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant: Schiller's Liquor Bar, 131 Rivington St. Really? How about calling it Best Place I Used To Go Before The Kid, Which I Refuse To Give Up, Even Though They Don't Have Changing Tables?

    Previously, on nyc men's room changing tables:
    Schiller's Liquor Bar - NO
    Pastis - NO
    Balthazar, Spring & Lafayette St - NO


    I take my kids to bars all the time and if they don't have changing tables, I just hoist 'em up on the bar itself. A perfect place to change a small child. And the little goldfish crackers distract 'em pretty well, too.

    From where I stand (6'2"), bars are actually the perfect height for changing a diaper.

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