February 11, 2005

Namenerds.com: Surprisingly (?) Not Only Nerd Names

Namenerds.com certainly has a dauntingly long list of nerd names. Their particular definition of nerd name seems to be even narrower than "names of sci-fi TV show and movie characters," though. Their "name your baby nerd" list, largely culled from the Star Treks, the Star Wars's, and Dr. Who, is all pop SF. Rather than an obscure character in a mass market movie, I'd think a hard core nerd might prefer to name his kid after a major character in a deeply esoteric, connoiseurs-only sci-fi title.

Anyway, Name Nerds' List of The Week feature takes an entirely different approach, providing unusual categories of names:
Top names from Harvard's Class of 2005
Characters played by Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks
Titanic steerage passengers, &c.

What to name your baby nerd [namenerds.com, look under "other lists"]


Fab link! I was, however, a bit put off that they didn't really cover us Science Geeks and Comic Book Geeks. We're nerds too!!

-Blue (Proud mom to Darwin and Banner - yes, like the guy who turns into the Hulk)

Ha! Pope Hilarius!

which, for some reason, reminds me of this report from the Guardian:

"On one occasion, the actress Sienna Miller was sitting next to Spacey at a bar.

"She had just seen The Usual Suspects and was excited to find herself close to one of the film's stars.

"Approaching him she said: 'I just wanted to say I can't believe I'm sitting in a bar drinking champagne next to Kevin Bacon.' 'Spacey,' said Kevin. 'Yeah, it is, isn't it?' said Miller."

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