October 18, 2004

Cool Bugaboo Sheepskin Seat Cover Made Easy

Yesterday in SoHo, I stopped a little Euro family (and probably freaked them out a bit; sorry) to ask where they got the fluffy white sheepskin that lined their black Bugaboo. It had slits for the 5-point harness and, whaddyaknow, a Bugaboo tag.

Turns out it's an official Bugaboo accessory, or at least it was. Cream/white sheepskins were available last year, but according to the clerk at Just For Tykes on Mercer St, this year, only chocolate brown is available. It looks like monkey fur. Plus, it's $80.

My suggestion: go to IKEA (if you dare), buy one of those little muttons from that giant bin, and carefully boxcutter the appropriate holes from the underside. Total cost: $20. Very Readymade Magazine.


Back when we were living in Manhattan during a brutal winter, we did exactly this -- Ikea sheepskin cut for MacLaren use. Worked great.

Vivisect Lamb Chop?!? Dear God! What have we become?

Rumsfeld is behind this somehow.

I don't have one yet and haven't been able to test it with a Bugaboo, but Bowron makes Stroller Fleece(http://www.bowron.com/prod_baby_stroller.htm) cut to fit stroller seats.

In Norway, we have been using sheepskin in baby buggies for a long time. It was either sheep skin or countless winter hours knitting spun wool into a nordic-patterned wrap.
There is nothing wrong with sheepskin, its healthy, natural, comfortable, warm and...dare I say it, trendy.
80$ for sheepskin however, is insanity.
I should just start us a company who produces sheepskin for various trendy buggies, have Kate Spade blot them with a bingo blotter and charge 50bucks a pop for them!!! HELL...I had better patent this idea before its too late.

we were in soho when you were (visiting fron london). never saw so many bugaboos in my life as we did in manhattan (upper west side, mostly). if you had a bugaboo, we probably saw you.

anyway, we saw someone here in london with the ikea sheepskin and plan to do the same thing.

Instead of trying to make your own you can buy a bundle me by jj cole which comes in lots of colors and about half the price of the bugaboo one. I have one myself and love it.

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