September 7, 2004

Totshop T-shirt, (Psychotherapy Not Included)

wah_baby_tee.jpgGee, I don't know why I didn't know about this. I mean, I only get about 500 emails on this topic every day. Wah Baby makes some irreverent baby-sized t-shirts, which are available at for $19 each.

Besides Sophocles and Sigmund Freud, am I the only one who finds it problematic for a baby to wear a MILF t-shirt?

Random "Oedipal" titles from Mankind's Oedipal Destiny: Libidinal and Aggressive Aspects of Sexuality by Peter Hartocollis; I Call You to Go Beyond the ""Oedipal"" Sufferings of Childhood (Truth for Real Series) by Avatar Adi Da Samraj;
Treating the Oedipal Patient in Brief Psychotherapy by Althea J. Horner


That's outrageous and sadly funny at the same time. I won't ever put a MILF shirt on any of my babies but I'll laugh out loud when I see someone else do it.

Smart husbands should wear the shirt.

bwahahaha, If I wore that shirt, my wife'd pretend she didn't know me.

People'd be like, "sure you are, buddy."

Okay, so I am obviously not hip enough. What does MILF stand for?

Google, people, Google. Or, watch American Pie.

This shirt is not a good idea. They also offer one demanding "double d's" Showing that the milf shirt was not a momentary lapse of taste.

I think we know who would put their kids in a shirt like this. Check out the photo here:

I don't think my wife knows what a MILF is. But I agree it's more clever, and less traumatizing, for Daddy to wear the shirt, not baby. We did briefly consider a "Go Fuck Yourself" onesie, available through CafePress, but people in our Texas town might take it as an endorsement of Dick Cheney. Instead, we went with the more incendiary Kerry-Edwards creeper.

lighten up...that is a funny t-shirt.

i was the one who made that shirt. it completely sold out at TOTShop. They wiped us out of yeah...lighten up...

[congratulations to you and your parents both. But if you somehow think that 144 knuckleheads buying a milf shirt for a baby somehow makes it NOT hilariously pathetic, then I can't help you. Besides, shouldn't you be too busy partying in your milf mansion to be googling around like this? -ed.]

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