July 25, 2004

A service for traveling to LA with kids

Gotta hand it to Los Angeles, they have a highly evolved service economy. One hotel I used to stay in had overnight dry cleaning which, if you think about it, everyone should have, but they don't. (Thank the film industry for this one; the concierge said the dry cleaner got started cleaning wardrobe for film shoots.)

Anyway, this "what'll they think of next?" innovation comes to mind when I got DT reader Mark's email about baby delish! (that's their exclamation point).

As the site explains, "baby delish! is a personalized service offered to parents who require only the very best for their children, even when they're away from home. [but who don't want to schlep it all with them because, frankly, it eats up their entire baggage allowance, and even if they could have wrangled the studio's G-V, it'd be so much easier to have all that stuff waiting for us when we got there. Now who's going to stock the fridge with Diet Coke and Odwalla juice?]"

While I haven't needed or tried it yet, Mark said baby delish!'s [sp] service made his trip with his twin boys much easier. But then anything seems easier than having twin boys.

Did I mention they rent Bugaboos? That is so LA.

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I just read your article about the service that delivers stuff to LA and I have one even better.

You are right that Los Angeles has innovative people because Babies Travel Lite is based there too.

I used Babies travel Lite when I went to the Bahamas. They ship baby stuff all over the world.

Talk about a life saver!

Check it out. http://www.babiestravellite.com

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