June 28, 2017

Moccasins Made From Care Bear Pelts, By Freshly Picked


I see these Freshly Picked X Care Bear moccasins and wonder how they're made.


Is it like having your chest waxed, all at once, to get those logo pelts off the front of the bears?

Is it like that one Star Trek movie where the Borg queen gave Data a shivery little graft of human skin on his arm?

Or is it like that scene that keeps me from showing my kids Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, the one where the wild-eyed Thuggee priest rips the beating heart out of the dude in the cage with his bare hand?


Anyway, FP X Care Bear logo pelt moccasins are available in five styles, and can be pre-ordered now (June 2017, because who knows when anyone will read this, or if they even will).

FP X Care Bears logo pelt shoes for kids, $60 [freshlypicked, thanks ian]

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