December 24, 2016

I Want A Child, 1930, By/Of El Lissitzky


In Mother Russia, Sergei Tretyakov wrote a play called, I Want A Child, about a woman named Milda who wanted to have "a model proletarian baby, but without a husband." The controversial play explored topics like sex, eugenics, politics and their molding of society, and constructivist El Lissitzky was asked to design the sets.

Sotheby's calls this image of El Lissitzky's son Boris laying on a photo of his dad working on the set and a copy of Pravda a photomontage, but I'd feel better calling it a composition. h up.

The print, btw, came from the El Lissitzky family through pioneering photo dealer Barry Friedman, and then in 2014 it didn't sell. But now that Russia's hot, and we'll apparently all be working for them now, it's probably spoken for.

11-12 Dec 2014, Lot 74 | El Lissitzky, I WANT A CHILD, est $USD25-35,000 [sothebys via grupaok]

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