March 25, 2016

How's The Tentacle Crib Working Out?


Some expectant parents at imgur commissioned this off-the-hook walnut tentacle crib from woodcarver Garrick Andrus last summer, but he only posted it to Google+. It only leaked out of the Google+ steampunk/tentacle community to tumblr in January, and then to boingboing this week, and from there onto a million scrapebot techblogs.

Point is, by now I think we should have some data on the effects of raising a kid in a tentacle crib. Did it get infested with cats like the bassinet? If we all weren't afraid of accidentally reactivating G+, we might find out.

Eldritch Crib by Atlanta woodworker Garrick Andrus [imgur]
Tentacled crib [boingboing via dt steampunk tracker jj daddy-o]
#tbt: Garrick Andrus' flickr from like 2010 [flickr]

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