November 27, 2015

Context And Empathy? What Are Thooose?

photo: Pete Souza

Political aide wife Laura Moser writes about what it's like having a picture of your 2yo daughter having a meltdown on the floor of the White House go viral. Apparently, you get dog piled by media and people use your kid as a political punchline and condemn your entitled parenting:

But if the Internet has taught us anything, it's that crazy people have a great deal of free time on their hands. And I was shocked by what they read into the picture. They saw my political beliefs and the pride I took in my inability to raise a child. ("The 'she's just a kid' excuses are the excuses liberal parents make for their lack of parenting skills.") They saw my income and my ethnic background: I was a "wealthy Jewish donor"--don't I wish!--and my daughter a spoiled brat: "She doesn't act like the sort of child that has ever heard the word 'No' let alone felt anything other than expensive clothes on her backside." One commenter recommended thyroid medication to bring my daughter back in balance, but no one said a word about fitted sheets.
You see, the kid's go-to snugglie is a fitted sheet, which her parents did not bring to the White House, obviously because they are monsters. #ThanksObama!
Remember the Toddler Who Threw a Tantrum in Front of the President? that was my kid. [slate, thanks dt reader nathan]

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