September 28, 2015

A Modest Parental Proposal

We're all Trumans now

This has been weighing on me for a while now, the last several posts, and the meaning and relevance and viability of it all. And this, The Atlantic's thought piece on the economics of mommyblogging, starring, obviously, Heather Armstrong.

And the stress of doing what you love-for money-and the ambivalence over turning your kids out for sponsored content. And the conflicts of selling out and commercialization and celebrity and privacy and agency. As a parent your choices affect your kid, too, when they are very far from being able to understand, much less weigh in on things.

Let's look at the four most recent posts:

Is it all as terribly clear to you as it is to me?

Forget baby monitors, we need baby platforms: livecasting baby monitors that support social media engagement, native and sponsored content partnerships, and affiliate thinkfluencer retailing right out of the box, right out of the womb. We need to stop locking down our networks and start monetizing them.

The disruptive baby monitor is important, but it's just the first level in scaffolding your and your kid's digital brands. Why settle for facebooking or pinning tired, old, static pictures of your kid, when you can plug him into a live audience who is primed to purchase?

Do you remember the Korean people who make total bank livestreaming their meals to thousands of adoring, tipping fans? It's like that, only with babies.

Can Mommy Bloggers Still Make A Living? [theatlantic]

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