September 18, 2015

Way Of The Viral Dragon

Enter the 4yo Mini-me Dragon

How do you get to 30 million views on your viral kidsploitation video? Practice, practice, practice.

Just because your kid has dutifully copied the Bruce Lee nunchuck moves you have been fixated on your own entire sentient life doesn't mean your video of him performing will immediately go viral.

Now you must master the viral videomaking skills of the modern parent by getting the costume, the angle, and the background just right. Tranform your entertainment center into a minimalist Bruce Lee shrine with photos and slipcovers made from Visqueen and packing tape.

Disable YouTube embedding so you can get your pre-rolls, and for Pete's sake, get it onto Facebook which, in addition to jacking all YT's viral videos, also screwed up the click and sharing experience.

Bruce Ryu's YouTube channel [youtube via my dad]

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