September 18, 2015

The Internet Of Things That Are Probably Spying On You, Like Baby Monitors

Internet- and WiFi-connected baby monitors are still ridiculously insecure and can be hacked and turned into surveillance devices for your home and your home networks, experts find.

Experts recommend a couple of easy fixes, such as not connecting your baby monitor to the Internet, not uploading video from your baby monitor to the internet, and not connecting your baby monitor to your WiFi network that has the same password as its cutesy name.

Now let me tell you about how we used to have to get up to change the frequency on the baby monitor because it kept picking up the neighbors' cordless phones. I assume if you're old enough to buy a baby monitor, you're old enough to remember cordless phones. Right?

Watch out, new parents--internet-connected baby monitors are easy to hack [fusion]

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