September 8, 2015

Dashcam Mayhem In Stokke-on-Aston


I've always thought it took a special type to drive a Stokke Xplory. A confident, quiet sort who's comfortable in his decisions. An independent spirit who doesn't chase public approval. And now we can add a calm, cool, and collected luxury car vandal who'll key an Aston Martin in a Tesco Superstore parking lot for no apparent reason.

That's what Gary Brissett, 48, of, Glebeland, somewhere in England, did in June, while pushing his 13mo kid in his Xplory. He was recorded by the Aston's dashcam, and was apprehended in August after the footage was released.

Last Friday the single father pled guilty to causing £7,741.28 in damage. Which, let's keep things in perspective, is what an Aston costs any time you take it into the shop. Still, it's always the quiet ones.

Man is arrested over keying of Aston Martin [ via carscoops, thanks dt stokkespotter jj daddy-o]
'Silly' Hackney father admits damaging £100k Aston Martin outside Tesco []

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