August 27, 2015

I'm Sorry, Baby Naming Rights??

I just, I mean, I, I, what?

WLS, ABC7 in Chicago is reporting:

Chicago rapper Chief Keef has named his son after his record label in an effort to promote his latest album, according to a statement from the CEO of FilmOn Records.

"Chief Keef and his newest baby mama have agreed to name the newborn Sno FilmOn Dot Com Cozart in order to promote the release of Sosa's double album Bang 3 with FilmOn Music and MondoTunes on September 18," Alki David said in a statement Thursday.

However, David released an updated statement Thursday following an apparent paternity dispute between Chief Keef and the child's mother.

"In light of new developments disputing that Chief Keef is the father of Baby Sno, the streaming TV and music platform is retracting the right to let the mother, Lauren Woods, use the middle name FilmOn Dot Com until paternity is settled. We wish Ms. Woods all the best," David said in a written statement.

First off, the announcement of the kid's name only happened this morning. So the unannouncement is like only a few hours later. Second, I'm sorry, but you cannot "retract" the "right" to someone's baby name. Even if it is named after your brokeass basic holographic concert-flogging website. Ms Woods can name her kid Louis Vuitton Keef von Alki David-On-A-Stick if she wants to.

The point, though, is why would she want to saddle her kid with a URL for a name if she's not getting paid for it? Just sit tight and wait for the test results, mkay?

UPDATED, OBV: Chief Keef names newborn after record label [abc7chicago via dt reader noah]

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