August 12, 2015

Big Kid Bed: Station Wagon By Paul Frankl


One good thing about leaving the toddler bed behind is that you're back in real furniture land again. And in that real furniture world, twin beds are usually discounted pretty heavily.

Like the 1940s-1950s Station Wagon series Paul Frankl designed for the Johnson Furniture Company. The mahogany and pearwood pattern looks like a classic Woody, and the bed is probably the best looking piece of them all. The nightstand and dressers in the series have leather handles, which are kind of cool. A little leather goes a long way.

But the price of dressers and such online are bonkers, from $6-24,000. This bed and nightstand, however, are in Rago Arts' upcoming no reserve summer auction with a reasonable-seeming estimate of $1,500-2,000. And if no one else wants to put their kid in the Station Wagon, you might get it for even less.

Aug 29, 2015, 1343 PAUL FRANKL; JOHNSON FURNITURE CO, Estimate: $1,500 - $2,000 [ragoarts]

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