July 7, 2015

Naming Opportunities

When you name the heir do a media and financial info dynasty, it's not just the kid; you have to think about how the name will look on a terminal, or a TV caption, or a museum wall. There is a lot of branding going on in this story of Michael Bloomberg's grandchildren [mazeltov btw]:

Ms. Bloomberg, 36, and her husband, 35, married in 2005, and their daughter's surname -- Frissora plus Bloomberg equals Frissberg -- is a term used by friends to describe them as a couple. The name is meant to represent that Zelda is a combination of her parents, according to a spokesman for Mr. Bloomberg.
And a little rebranding, too:Jasper was given the surname of his father, Ramiro Quintana, at birth. Georgina Bloomberg and Mr. Quintana have since broken up, and the toddler now goes by Jasper Bloomberg.Bloomberg's Granddaughter Gets a Hybrid Surname [nyt via dt hero alexandra]

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