June 9, 2015

These Vintage WTF Baby Ads Never Get Old


Many of these old-timey ads have been circulating on the webWTF for years, but they're always worth revisiting. And I hadn't seen this Black Flag DDT ad before. Or the thalidomide ad either; that is one for the history books: For a barbiturate and hypnotic your kid can accidentally OD on with complete safety, try Distavalâ„¢ today!

More fun is to try and guess what totally uncontroversial products and parenting practice will make us look like barbarian idiots fifty years from now. My guess is oil.


Also, why do we not have vitamin-fortified donuts?

Inappropriate Vintage Ads For Children [awkwardfamilyphotos via dt godfather rolf]
Previously: Plastic Bag Not A Toy [Anymore]

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