June 7, 2015

The Sounds Of Spring By Lullatone


Lullatone, the Nagoya-based music family of Yoshimi and Shawn James Seymour, have released the final EP in their seasons-based set, "The Sounds of Spring." It's as great as ever.

Until I read this little interview, I'd forgotten that Seymour had recorded part of one of their earliest EPs in the hospital while waiting for their first kid to be born. Guess that's just how relaxed and easy-listenin' childbirth in Japan is!

Our kids play Lullatone's Dropophone app on iPhones and iPads all the time, but I think we'll need to load up some more albums from the backlist for our cross-country roadtrip this summer. They'll be as good for napping as they are for playing.

Interview: Lullatone
"Waking Up on a Picnic Blanket"
Download The Sounds of Spring EP from Lullatone [lullatone.bandcamp.com]

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