May 26, 2015

ADO Dollhouse Furniture By Ko Verzuu


We need this right now. This ADO dollhouse sitting room set was designed by Ko Verzuu sometime around 1926-32. I saw it on aapc, but now it's gone. I'm leaving this photo and a link to an old Gemeentemuseum exhibition to carry on.

UPDATE: It's back on aapc. Thanks for the heads up, Andrew.

Oh, here's the whole set in one slideshow from the CODA Museum.

It's much fancier than the dollhouse Verzuu made for the daughter of the director general of ADO.

ADO-poppenkamer met zitkamer []
XXSmall | Poppenhuizen en meer in miniatuur 12-nov-2011 to 25-mrt-2012 []
Previously, related: Ko Verzuu made this dollhouse

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