April 23, 2015

Come Celebrate With Us! And Maybe Just Bring Cash


More news from England, that just happens to be America:

Lately I find that I leave things alone for a few days, see if they remain interesting. And then I decide whether to post them. It gives time for the reddit to fill up with tasty upvoted comments, and for the facebook outrage machine to complete its cycle.

And I'm glad I waited here, because the Daily Mirror already had to change their headline, which originally said a bossy mom was demanding expensive gifts, when the email was clearly signed by both parents.

But they still haven't changed the expensive gift part, even though the instructions are just for specific random junk from Walmart and Ikea.

Also, they're only "demanding" the stuff from family. Probably the grandparents. Which, there's a history we're not seeing in this email?

But. 1) Why does formula cost $80/week, are there other babies around? Because now the kid's one; switch to regular milk? 2) The no book except the Cheerios book thing is legitimately heartbreaking. 3) I really do not think that monogrammed items are "the number one thing leading to kidnappings." Is there data on that? I doubt it. Also, the kid is one. He's too small for the ballpit at Ikea. Which city street or mall are you letting him wander unattended in?

Anyway, the point is, people get whipped up about stuff when they write emails, when they're dealing with their parents and in-laws, and when they're planning the kid's first birthday party. [Which is a total parent party in the first place, as the kid literally has no idea.]

And people get whipped up online, and it's cheap and easy, but ultimately kind of pointless.

Most Demanding 1st Birthday Party Invite Ever [reddit]
Parents demand expensive gifts for child in bossy birthday party invitation

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