April 7, 2015

How To Make A How To Pull Out A Tooth With A #Camaro Video

When we look for videos on how to pull out a loose tooth, we find a six year old YouTube video about a guy who attached his kid's tooth to a model rocket.

And most of us think, WTF is wrong with people, just get over here and I'll pull it out. Some of us think, WTF, just let it fall out on its own. Here, eat some pudding.

And a very few guys'll think, how I can get 3 million views? And they will set up their slomo and GoPro cameras on a mini motorcycle and fabricate a whole narrative arc, and all but add a shoutout to the Tooth Fairy to subscribe to their kids' YouTube channel.

And some preacher livin' the Swagger Wagon dream will turn it into a family project, and after dinner they'll all head out to the driveway, where their teen driver needs seven tries to gently coax the tooth out of the kid's head with the Camry. Of course there's a royalty-free guitar solo soundtrack.

And then some dude'll be like, here hold the phonecam honey, and he'll jump in his hashtag Camaro and hop down the street 20 feet, and then start working the crowds in the comments like a busker at a street fair.

This is just where we are right now as a tooth-pull-viral-video-making civilization.

Tooth pulling via #camaro [rob venomous's youtube]
2009: How to pull out a tooth with a rocket... [bradley harris's youtube]
2011: mini motorcycle tooth pull [rubyandroan's youtube]
How to pull out a loose tooth with a car
[noel jesse heikkinen's youtube]

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