March 9, 2015

Plywood Kids Pod By Mihaly Slocombe


Dezeen has pics of a sweet new bedroom addition Melbourne-based architects Mihaly Slocombe made to a low-slung, rammed earth house they built eight years ago in a retired couple's vineyard. Called the Kid Pod, it's "for future grandchildren," which, no pressure.

The Kid Pod is separated from the main house by a glassed in walkway. Two sleeping areas are connected by a wide hall with a bathroom in between them. The whole space can feel like a contiguous loft, or the rooms can be closed off by heavy curtains. Everything is lined with pale plywood, which looks gorgeous.


Though if the perforated timber shutters seem familiar to you, too, it means we've been going to some of the same Chipotles.

Mihaly Slocombe extend vineyard home with timber nursery [dezeen]

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